August 23rd Birthdays

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August 23rd, 1995 (August 23 1995)BirthEliza Pineda, Filipina child actress
August 23rd, 1988 (August 23 1988)BirthDaniel Schwaab, German footballer
August 23rd, 1987 (August 23 1987)BirthNikki Gil, Filipina actress, host and singer
August 23rd, 1986 (August 23 1986)BirthNeil Cicierega, American cartoonist and musician
August 23rd, 1984 (August 23 1984)BirthGlen Johnson, English footballer
August 23rd, 1983 (August 23 1983)BirthSun Ming Ming, Chinese basketball player
August 23rd, 1982 (August 23 1982)BirthNatalie Coughlin, American swimmer
August 23rd, 1982 (August 23 1982)BirthYTCracker, American musician
August 23rd, 1982 (August 23 1982)BirthScott Palguta, professional soccer player
August 23rd, 1981 (August 23 1981)BirthOzzy Lusth, American Survivor contestant
August 23rd, 1981 (August 23 1981)BirthStephan Loboue, Ivorian footballer
August 23rd, 1981 (August 23 1981)BirthCarmen Luvana, American pornographic actress.
August 23rd, 1981 (August 23 1981)BirthCarlos Cuellar, Spanish footballer
August 23rd, 1980 (August 23 1980)BirthDenny Bautista, Dominican baseball player
August 23rd, 1980 (August 23 1980)BirthRex Grossman, American football player
August 23rd, 1979 (August 23 1979)BirthEdgar Sosa, Mexican boxer
August 23rd, 1978 (August 23 1978)BirthKobe Bryant, American basketball playerKobe Bryant Quotes
August 23rd, 1978 (August 23 1978)BirthJulian Casablancas, American musician Julian Quotes
August 23rd, 1977 (August 23 1977)BirthDouglas Sequeira, Costa Rican footballer
August 23rd, 1976 (August 23 1976)BirthScott Caan, American actor
August 23rd, 1975 (August 23 1975)BirthEliza Carthy, English singer and fiddler
August 23rd, 1975 (August 23 1975)BirthJarkko Ruutu, Finnish ice hockey player
August 23rd, 1974 (August 23 1974)BirthRay Park, Scottish actor
August 23rd, 1974 (August 23 1974)BirthShifty, American musician (Crazy Town)
August 23rd, 1974 (August 23 1974)BirthBenjamin Limo, Kenyan runner
August 23rd, 1974 (August 23 1974)BirthChristian Beranek, American graphic novelist and actor
August 23rd, 1973 (August 23 1973)BirthCasey Blake, American baseball player
August 23rd, 1972 (August 23 1972)BirthMartin Grainger, English footballer
August 23rd, 1972 (August 23 1972)BirthRaul Casanova, Puerto Rican baseball player
August 23rd, 1971 (August 23 1971)BirthDemetrio Albertini, Italian footballer
August 23rd, 1971 (August 23 1971)BirthBoneCrusher, American rapper
August 23rd, 1970 (August 23 1970)BirthJay Mohr, American actor and comedian
August 23rd, 1970 (August 23 1970)BirthRiver Phoenix, American actor (died in 1993)River Phoenix Quotes
August 23rd, 1970 (August 23 1970)BirthBrad Mehldau, American pianist
August 23rd, 1969 (August 23 1969)BirthKeith Tyson, English artist
August 23rd, 1969 (August 23 1969)BirthJeremy Schaap, American sportswriter
August 23rd, 1969 (August 23 1969)BirthGenevieve Brouillette, Quebec television and film actress
August 23rd, 1968 (August 23 1968)BirthChris DiMarco, American golfer
August 23rd, 1966 (August 23 1966)BirthRik Smits, Dutch-American basketball player
August 23rd, 1965 (August 23 1965)BirthRoger Avary, Canadian-born screenwriter, director, and producer
August 23rd, 1964 (August 23 1964)BirthJohan Bruyneel, Belgian cyclist
August 23rd, 1964 (August 23 1964)BirthKong Hee, Singaporean, Founder and Senior Pastor of the City Harvest movement in Asia
August 23rd, 1963 (August 23 1963)BirthHans-Henning Fastrich, German field hockey player
August 23rd, 1963 (August 23 1963)BirthKenny Wallace, American race car driver
August 23rd, 1963 (August 23 1963)BirthPark Chan-wook, Korean director and screenwriter
August 23rd, 1962 (August 23 1962)BirthMartin Cauchon, Canadian politician
August 23rd, 1961 (August 23 1961)BirthDean DeLeo, American musician (Stone Temple Pilots)
August 23rd, 1961 (August 23 1961)BirthGary Mabbutt, English footballer
August 23rd, 1960 (August 23 1960)BirthRodney Alan Greenblat, American graphic artist
August 23rd, 1960 (August 23 1960)BirthChris Potter, Canadian actor
August 23rd, 1959 (August 23 1959)BirthGeorge Kalovelonis, Greek tennis player
August 23rd, 1958 (August 23 1958)BirthJulio Franco, Atlanta Braves, oldest regular position player in MLB history
August 23rd, 1957 (August 23 1957)BirthTasos Mitropoulos, Greek footballer and politician
August 23rd, 1956 (August 23 1956)BirthAndreas Floer, German mathematician (died in 1991)
August 23rd, 1956 (August 23 1956)BirthValgerd Svarstad Haugland, Norwegian politician
August 23rd, 1956 (August 23 1956)BirthSkipp Sudduth, American actor
August 23rd, 1954 (August 23 1954)BirthCharles Busch, American director, writer, actor and drag queen
August 23rd, 1953 (August 23 1953)BirthBobby G, British singer (Bucks Fizz)
August 23rd, 1952 (August 23 1952)BirthVicky Leandros, Greek singer and politician
August 23rd, 1951 (August 23 1951)BirthAkhmad Kadyrov, President of Chechnya (died in 2004)
August 23rd, 1951 (August 23 1951)BirthQueen Noor of Jordan
August 23rd, 1951 (August 23 1951)BirthJimi Jamison, American singer (Survivor)
August 23rd, 1949 (August 23 1949)BirthKatiana Balanika, Greek actress and singer
August 23rd, 1949 (August 23 1949)BirthGeoff Capes, English Strongman
August 23rd, 1949 (August 23 1949)BirthShelley Long, American actress
August 23rd, 1949 (August 23 1949)BirthRick Springfield, Australian singer and actor
August 23rd, 1948 (August 23 1948)BirthAndrei Plesu, Romanian writer, essayist
August 23rd, 1948 (August 23 1948)BirthDaniel Ruettiger "Rudy", University of Notre Dame football legend
August 23rd, 1947 (August 23 1947)BirthWilly Russell, British playwright
August 23rd, 1947 (August 23 1947)BirthDavid Robb, British actor
August 23rd, 1946 (August 23 1946)BirthKeith Moon, English singer and drummer (The Who) (died in 1978)
August 23rd, 1945 (August 23 1945)BirthRayfield Wright, American football player
August 23rd, 1944 (August 23 1944)BirthAntonia Novello, former United States Surgeon General
August 23rd, 1943 (August 23 1943)BirthNelson DeMille, American novelist
August 23rd, 1936 (August 23 1936)BirthHenry Lee Lucas, American serial killer (died in 2001)
August 23rd, 1934 (August 23 1934)BirthBarbara Eden, American actress and singer
August 23rd, 1934 (August 23 1934)BirthSonny Jurgensen, American football player
August 23rd, 1933 (August 23 1933)BirthRobert Curl, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
August 23rd, 1933 (August 23 1933)BirthPete Wilson, Governor of California
August 23rd, 1932 (August 23 1932)BirthHouari Boumedienne, President of Algeria (died in 1978)
August 23rd, 1932 (August 23 1932)BirthMark Russell, American comedian, musician, and political commentator
August 23rd, 1931 (August 23 1931)BirthHamilton O. Smith, American microbiologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
August 23rd, 1930 (August 23 1930)BirthMichel Rocard, Prime Minister of France
August 23rd, 1929 (August 23 1929)BirthVera Miles, American actress
August 23rd, 1928 (August 23 1928)BirthMarian Seldes, American actress
August 23rd, 1927 (August 23 1927)BirthDick Bruna, Dutch illustrator
August 23rd, 1926 (August 23 1926)BirthClifford Geertz, American anthropologist, (died in 2006)
August 23rd, 1925 (August 23 1925)BirthRobert Mulligan, American movie and television director
August 23rd, 1924 (August 23 1924)BirthEphraim Kishon, Israeli writer (died in 2005)
August 23rd, 1924 (August 23 1924)BirthRobert Solow, American economist, Nobel Prize laureate
August 23rd, 1923 (August 23 1923)BirthEdgar F. Codd, English computer scientist (died in 2003)
August 23rd, 1922 (August 23 1922)BirthGeorge Kell, baseball player
August 23rd, 1922 (August 23 1922)BirthJean Darling, American child actress
August 23rd, 1922 (August 23 1922)BirthPierre Gauvreau, Quebec painter, television writer and producer
August 23rd, 1921 (August 23 1921)BirthKenneth Arrow, American economist, Bank of Sweden Prize winner
August 23rd, 1919 (August 23 1919)BirthVladimir Abramovich Rokhlin, Russian mathematician (died in 1984)
August 23rd, 1917 (August 23 1917)BirthTex Williams, American singer (died in 1985)
August 23rd, 1912 (August 23 1912)BirthGene Kelly, American dancer and actor (died in 1996)
August 23rd, 1911 (August 23 1911)BirthBirger Ruud, Norwegian athlete (died in 1998)
August 23rd, 1910 (August 23 1910)BirthGiuseppe Meazza, Italian footballer (died in 1979)
August 23rd, 1908 (August 23 1908)BirthHannah Frank, Scottish Artist and Sculptor
August 23rd, 1905 (August 23 1905)BirthConstant Lambert, British composer (died in 1951)Constant Lambert Quotes
August 23rd, 1903 (August 23 1903)BirthWilliam Primrose, Scottish violist (died in 1982)
August 23rd, 1901 (August 23 1901)BirthJohn Sherman Cooper, U.S. Senator from Kentucky (died in 1991)
August 23rd, 1900 (August 23 1900)BirthErnst Krenek, Austrian-born composer (died in 1991)
August 23rd, 1900 (August 23 1900)BirthMalvina Reynolds, American folk singer/songwriter (died in 1978)
August 23rd, 1884 (August 23 1884)BirthWill Cuppy, American humorist (died in 1949)Will Cuppy Quotes
August 23rd, 1884 (August 23 1884)BirthOgden L. Mills, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1927-1932 (died in 1937)
August 23rd, 1883 (August 23 1883)BirthJonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV, U.S. general (died in 1953)
August 23rd, 1880 (August 23 1880)BirthAlexander Grin, Russian writer (died in 1932)
August 23rd, 1875 (August 23 1875)BirthWilliam Eccles, English radio pioneer (died in 1966)
August 23rd, 1875 (August 23 1875)BirthEugene Lanceray, Russian artist (died in 1946)Gene Ray Quotes
August 23rd, 1868 (August 23 1868)BirthEdgar Lee Masters, American author (died in 1950)Edgar Lee Masters Quotes
August 23rd, 1864 (August 23 1864)BirthEleftherios Venizelos, Prime Minister of Greece (d.1936)
August 23rd, 1854 (August 23 1854)BirthMoritz Moszkowski, Polish/German composer (died in 1925)
August 23rd, 1852 (August 23 1852)BirthArnold Toynbee, English economist and social reformer (died in 1883)Arnold Toynbee Quotes
August 23rd, 1852 (August 23 1852)BirthClimaco Calderon, President of Colombia. (died in 1913)
August 23rd, 1849 (August 23 1849)BirthWilliam Ernest Henley, British poet, critic, and editor (died in 1903)
August 23rd, 1847 (August 23 1847)BirthSarah Frances Whiting, American physicist and astronomer (died in 1927)
August 23rd, 1846 (August 23 1846)BirthAlexander Milne Calder, American sculptor (died in 1923)
August 23rd, 1843 (August 23 1843)BirthWilliam Southam, Canadian newspaper publisher (died in 1932)
August 23rd, 1836 (August 23 1836)BirthMarie Henriette of Austria, Queen of the Belgians (died in 1902)
August 23rd, 1829 (August 23 1829)BirthMoritz Cantor, German mathematician (died in 1920)
August 23rd, 1814 (August 23 1814)BirthJames Roosevelt Bayley, first Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, and the eighth Archbishop of Baltimore (died in 1877)
August 23rd, 1805 (August 23 1805)BirthAnton von Schmerling, Austrian statesman (died in 1893)
August 23rd, 1785 (August 23 1785)BirthOliver Hazard Perry, U.S. naval officer (died in 1819)Oliver Hazard Perry Quotes
August 23rd, 1783 (August 23 1783)BirthWilliam Tierney Clark, English civil engineer (died in 1852)
August 23rd, 1769 (August 23 1769)BirthGeorges Cuvier, French biologist and statesman (died in 1832)
August 23rd, 1754 (August 23 1754)BirthKing Louis XVI of France (died in 1793)
August 23rd, 1741 (August 23 1741)BirthJean-Francois de Galaup, comte de La Perouse, French explorer (died in 1788)
August 23rd, 1724 (August 23 1724)BirthAbraham Yates, American Continental Congressman (died in 1796) Abraham Quotes
August 23rd, 1623 (August 23 1623)BirthStanislaw Lubieniecki, Polish astronomer (died in 1675)
August 23rd, 1524 (August 23 1524)BirthFrancois Hotman, French lawyer and writer (died in 1590)
August 23rd, 1486 (August 23 1486)BirthSigismund von Herberstein, Austrian diplomat and historian (died in 1566)
August 23rd, 0686 (August 23 0686)BirthCharles Martel, grandfather of Charlemagne (died in 741) Charlemagne Quotes

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